International Conference on Felicitology in Education
Happy Teacher: New Professional Competence
Khabarovsk, Far East Russia
Sept 26-28, 2012

A few members of the Institute for Meaning Centered Education served as keynote speakers at the conference: Patrick Blessinger, USA, Thanikachalam Vedhathiri, India, and Olga Kovbasyuk who co-chaired the Conference. At the Conference, educators discussed many issues, related to MCE, such as authentic teaching and learning, holistic principle of education, the role of a teacher as facilitator, able of fostering students’ pursuit to evolve and to self-create, and supporting their strive to make sense out of complex and confusing world and strive to find personal meaning in life experiences. Such areas of conference discussions, as “happy teacher makes happy students”, “what does it take – to be a happy teacher”, “how to self -develop this new professional competence” became very resourceful and motivational. The conference provided many exciting opportunities for participants to share professional experiences, to meet old and to make new friends, to enhance international relations, intercultural communication, and professional development.
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Bakhtinian Conference in Education
Promises and Challenges of Dialogic Pedagogy
University of Delaware, Newark, DE, USA
March 29 – April 1, 2012

The conference included a two-day panel session (symposium) on Meaning-Centered Education and Learning, organized and chaired by Olga and Patrick who are shown in the photograph. The conference was highly insightful and provided everyone with an opportunity to network and develop deeper working relationships with our colleagues from around the world.
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